This Is Hell / Cancer Bats - Split [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

This Is Hell / Cancer Bats

Split [7 inch] (2007)

Future Tense

Cancer Bats and This Is Hell both put out some of my favorite records of 2006. While we can expect new full-lengths from each band later this year, this 7" is a good way to pass the time until then.

This Is Hell start their side off with a cover of "Death Bros," which was one of the best songs off of Cancer Bats' Birthing the Giant. This Is Hell's take on it leaves us with a bit of a muddled version of the song. It doesn't really sound as though the band put their own touch on things until near the end of the song when some gang vocals kick in. For the most part, though, the music is unchanged from the original and Travis Reilly's vocals don't really sound like they typically do. That said, the band's original contribution, "Another Façade" sounds exactly like fans of the band would expect. It falls in line with the songs off the band's recent 7" EP, Cripplers, and while the song plays a little faster than we're used to hearing, the vocals are spot on. If "Another Façade" is any indication of what we can expect with Misfortunes, due next month, we're in for a treat.

Cancer Bats kick things off with a cover of "Diamond Lanterns," which can be found on This Is Hell's 2005 self-titled EP. The band puts enough spin on it to sound like a Cancer Bats song, albeit one of their slower ones thanks to slow but pounding, doom-like drum beat. They pick things up with their original song, "Let It Pour," which they have been playing live for quite some time. The band has become a lot tighter since their first album and that much is made clear here. However, it still sounds as though it would fit right in on Birthing the Giant, so long-time fans don't have anything to worry about.

As I write this, the bands are continuing a North American tour together. It's a nice sort of hardcore camaraderie they have going on, and we're lucky to have a taste of that in recorded form.