Bomb the Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!! - Split [10 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Bomb the Music Industry! / O Pioneers!!!

Split [10 inch] (2007)

Team Science / Asbestos

On the opening night of the 6th edition of The Fest back in October, there was a lot of talk and excitement surrounding the O Pioneers!!! / Bomb the Music Industry! show. The buzz didn't disappear at the door. Once the show got underway it was clear that both bands had won themselves a considerable number of fans over the last year as a quick glance around the room showed nearly everyone singing along and having a grand old time. What's remarkable is that both bands have been able to accomplish so much in a relatively short period of time and have done so largely on their own while being accessible and consistent in both touring and recording. It was no surprise then to see both bands teaming up for a split EP. It's also no surprise that both parties came out with some great songs, making for an excellent release.

Bomb the Music Industry!'s contribution is a collection of political jams recorded prior to the Get Warmer sessions. The songs may not be lyrically upbeat, but only BTMI! can rally against American foreign policy in such a dance-ready fashion. Sing-along opportunities are plentiful, especially on opener "Save the War" and the ska-heavy "I'm Terrorfied." The band also covers Regina Spektor's "Ghost of a Corporate Future." While it lacks the lyrical punch of the BTMI! originals, it's interesting to hear their interpretation of it. Despite it being the weakest of the BTMI! songs, the three originals they present more than make up for it. BTMI! is one of the most exciting bands in punk rock today. While Get Warmer may be their masterpiece so far, you should be sure to not skip over this mini-collection of songs.

I was a little hard on O Pioneers!!! and their contribution to their split 7-inch with By the End of Tonight. They more than make up for it this time around. Vocalist/guitarist Eric Solomon has a ton of passion behind that scruffy voice and he gives himself the opportunity to let it all out on their four songs. The band's first is "Punknews Is Stoked," which takes aim at some of the witty banter featured in the comments section of these very pages. OP's songs aren't as politically driven as BTMI!'s, at least in the traditional sense. Rather, they take aim at personal politics and people who hurt their relationships by making poor decisions. Despite having no bass player, they still found like a full band, albeit one that is comfortable in leaving things rough around the edges. That's part of the band's charm, though. The third track, "You Know That Part in Superman 3...," is as good as anything else the band's written and the best on this album, with plenty of opportunities to shout along. "Bad Scene, Aaron's Fault" is another standout song with the band allowing more melody to come through than we are used to hearing. Bomb the Music Industry! Is a tough act to follow, but O Pioneers!!! have no problem creating just as strong a side of their own.

There's a reason these two bands have become as popular as they have, at least as far as independent punk bands go. This release is a must have for fans of either band's work and serves as a great introduction to those unfamiliar with them.