Pericles - La Edición Greña (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


La Edición Greña (2007)

Chung Ho / Enemy

So I don't know the last time you got solicited over an instant messenging service by a Spanish-speaking, NOFX-style skatepunk band, but for me it was not too long ago. And thusly, Pericles is indeed not a Grecian-themed metalcore act, but instead some sort of melodic punk group.

Upon first impression, songs like "El Sanchez" and "LA's Ratas" come off with a strong melodic punk vibe, reminiscent of your favorite band circa 1996. And while I'd probably have a better time trying to make fun of the genre as a whole, the truth is that these songs are well-written. The guitar parts are interesting, the bass is complimentary. The drums keep a solid back beat and provide some fast fills. There's not much to complain about.

Pericles brings up some upstroke ska guitars in "Siempre Todo Asi," which of course in Spanish means something about a girl in a bikini with an afro eating a popsicle. Just kidding. It of course means something else. But I haven't taken a Spanish class in years.

They slow it down a bit for "Entiendeme" and "Don Gotti," letting themselves riff a bit with syncopation, while the latter song gets a standard double-time beat to anchor the NOFX comparison quite well. Closing the EP is "Lego Mi Ego" a keyed-down ballad, reduced to lightly strumming guitar, swung eighth notes, and a loud chorus.

While I doubt that this will make my commonly listened to list, the EP is solid, well-written, and well -performed. Anyone longing for the heyday of Epitaph before mall punk would be sufficiently pleased.