Snapcase - lookinglasself (Cover Artwork)


lookinglasself (1993)


Snapcase has become a staple in the hardcore scene during the past decade. Uplifting lyrics, amazing talent and their ongoing beliefs and ideals. But much different than their other hardcore peers..Snapcase puts their own twist to modern heavy music.

This, Snapcases' first full length is much much different as far as sound as their other releases. LGS lending emphasis to a more metal sound. While albums such as Progression through unlearning going for a technical, more smooth sound.

The vocals are a deeper is the weird, sometimes eerie guitar sound and the very unorganized drum work. It's this record that catches a lot off guard..why such dark music to coincide with such positive lyrics?

It's a solid album..but not my personal favorite. 9 songs in 26 minutes..seems a bit too quick. A definite harder side to this band..check them out in their early days.