Autodrone - Panic (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review


Panic (2006)


If you woke up this morning pining for a mediocre, female-fronted, electronica-inspired throwback to `80s new wave dance groups like New Order, then you should probably try to track down this Autodrone EP. If that's not the specific thing you're looking for, you probably will be pretty bored by this group.

The EP offers six tracks, and the band lives up to their name: The music is automatic, and the guitars are droning. The title track offers some passionate vocals, but I'm turned off by the DFA-inspired beat of "Bend Me (Anyway You Can)." Repetitiveness sets in with the slowed down "Autumn."

"Forward Fever" catches some energy from its fast beat and Edge-style guitar effects, but the moaning in "Between Walls" sounds out of its element and added for shock factor while contributing nothing musically. The EP closes with "For Now," which seems to be the closest that a band this robotic can get to a ballad. And while the structure differs refreshingly from the rest of this release, it feels a bit forced and uninspired. The spoken word interlude again causes uncomfort.

There's room for growth, and the genre needs a rekinkdling. The tracks on their MySpace page offer a much more comprehensive take on shoegaze instead of the automatic dance, so if you're a fan of the band don't expect to be wowed by the back catalog.