Urgencies - Manifesto (Cover Artwork)
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Manifesto (2007)

Kritics Choice!

Missing the fervent pop fever of Elvis Costello and the Attractions? With Urgencies' second full-length, Manifesto, we're brought a surprisingly fun (and good) effort by the Austin, TX act channeling `70s pop/punk acts with a total pub rock recording that only adds to the mood. Sure, they used to be on Full Breach Kicks, but as far as bad glam posturing is concerned, this is pretty digestable.

Of those aforementioned impressive moments is a cover of Lords' "Method to My Madness," where an urgent chorus bounces along and begs to be sung along with. It's unfortunate that none of the Urgencies' original songs are this memorable; I'd really love to be into the album as much as I am that song, but at least there's still a noticeable willingness to frequently differ tempos and methods among their own material.

Admittedly, if Manifesto was any longer than its contained 10 songs and 34 minutes, I'd probably have to knock off a star or so, but as is it just gets a positive mark.

Manifesto is still an assuredly listenable and cool album, though. Rarely do bands manage to reactivate a fairly dated sound and make it sound vigorous and fresh, but Urgencies certainly pull it off.

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