No Fun At All - No Straight Angles (Cover Artwork)

No Fun At All

No Straight Angles (1995)

Burning Heart

Sadly it goes, I had missed out on this band 3 years in a row. I just seemed to glance over them when buying CDs. forward to 1998...I bought the hopeless video Cinema Beer Goggles, and seen the video for "Beach party"...BAD-FUCKING-ASS!! But what else could I expect from a swedish punk band? This release proved no different. Very fast, infectious and melodic as hell. NFAA hit their mark well.

I've heard many comparisons with this band as well...mostly dubbed a swedish pennywise ripoff. Well, Both bands vocalists do sound amazingly alike, as do the guitars and drum work...but a ripoff? nah. NFAA put their own twist to their music: Dual Guitars, unusual but great sounding bass lines and a lot more melody.

This is argueably NFAAs' best work to date. Just the best collection of songs, it seems the band were together more musically on this album. Also, some great lyrics and awesome production quality as well.

You should give this band a listen, they have broken up in the past year or so but have given us some great records along the way. This is just some damn good "Get up and break shit" music. How the hell can you go wrong with that?