A.N.S. / Seasick - Billy in a Bearsuit [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

A.N.S. / Seasick

Billy in a Bearsuit [7 inch] (2008)

BrainDrain / Headcount

A.N.S. and Seasick are certainly no strangers to the split format, and each contribute three new tracks to Billy in a Bearsuit, whose layout and musical content is a seeming dedication to the 1980s hardcore scene that preceded it twenty years past.

Denton, TX's A.N.S.'s three contributions come off like a mish-mash of Bad Brains and more skate hardcore-oriented `80s bands, but with the occasional thrashy moment ("Circle the Drain"). Pretty decent stuff.

Jersey's Seasick are up next. While the recording is pure garage fury and the songs themselves are the most raw and unbridled Seasick have sounded in years, notably with the super Infest-esque "Veritistic Value," there's a rugged and endearing flair to them. "Setting the Straw Man Ablaze" turns the band's criticisms fully inward of their own scene and prove the band is as outspoken as ever ("complain and cry how the scene is P.C. / and criticize those who condemn hateful speech"), while "Intro(spection)" declares "I can't fucking understand why I place my faith in those who'd rather die than think or contemplate about questions that might challenge their deepest held convictions or obstruct them from buying records and watching television." Despite the hypocrisy of these words coming from the liner notes of a 7" vinyl, it's certainly a rather challenging and confrontational opinion towards a healthy portion of hardcore enthusiasts.

Printed on white vinyl and accompanied by a coupon for a free digital download, Billy in a Bearsuit ain't a bad deal for followers of either band.

A.N.S. - What Would Bomer Do?
A.N.S. - Paging Dr. Shiba
Seasick - Setting the Straw Man Ablaze