Fluffy - Black Eye (Cover Artwork)


Black Eye (1996)


I consider this album to be one of the treasures of my record collection. While it is nowhere near my top ten favorites, it is a great record by a band that has faded into obscurity since it's release. Fluffy, who formed in London in 1994, is comprised of all women. They sound unlike most any other punk band that I have heard, and trust me, that is a good thing. Sadly, they never really hit it big stateside, despite the record deal with Capitol and a tour with the Foo Fighters.

For the most part, "Black Eye" consists of mid-tempo, anthemic punk. The lyrics tend to be mostly about the bands vices. Song titles include "Cheap", "I wanna be your lush" and "Cosmetic Dog". The vocals aren't delivered in the overly-cutesy manner of bands like the Donnas or in the aggro for the sake of being aggro style of Tilt. Instead, each word that vocalist Amanda Rootes sings is a tortured snarl, sounding almost as if singing causes a great deal of pain. This is one of my favorite aspects of this disc. Meanwhile, the instrumentation is crushing rather than poppy and energetic. Fluffy doesn't want you get up and throw shit around your room. They want you to sit there with the lights off, and feel the pain.

I highly suggest you check out this album. It has been generally overlooked, by both mainstream and underground circles. This record is worthy of most any record collection, and it might just change some peoples minds regarding female bands.