Pulley - 60 Cycle Hum (Cover Artwork)


60 Cycle Hum (1997)


Does melodic skate punk get any better than Pulley? If it does, I haven't heard it.

"60 Cycle Hum" was this super-punk-band's second release. In 1997, the band still had Jordan Burns on drums, and you can most definitely tell on songs like "If" and "Hold On". Scott's voice is at peak performance on this record, ranging from high pitched wails to low key, somewhat subtle pitches (no pun there). He continues to have one of the most versatile, and recognizable voices in all of punk rock today. The guitars on "60 Cycle Hum" are perfectly pitted against each other, filling out the sound that so many bands spend careers looking for. As far as speed goes, Pulley is rounding third while the rest of the world is just getting out of the batter's box. In other words, THEY'RE REALLY FAST! And, if you thought that was it, you're wrong again. Pulley's lyrics complete the album in fine, well-writtten, thought provoking fashion.

"60 Cycle Hum" can range from blistering, So-Cal maddness (Hold On) to mid-tempo melodic jewels (Mandingo), and even slower, harder songs (Four Walls). Really, they are everything a punker looks for in a band. Talented, aggressive, and great song writing ability. "60 Cycle Hum" is a three pitch strike out, and that's a good thing.