Various - Live Fat, Die Young (Cover Artwork)


Live Fat, Die Young (2001)

Fat Wreck Chords

You know the deal, once a year Fat Wreck Chords releases a compilation of all its artists, each with an unreleased song. As of right now this is the 5th one that has been released by the label. I thought the 3rd one is one of the best compilations ever and still always listen to it today. You can go find that at any store for around $5 and its well worth it. I thought that the 4th one was a disappointment, but with this 5th one, Fat Wreck has once again brought great music from their artists again, which rivals the god-like 3rd comp. The biggest drawing point to the "fat" compilations is always that all songs are unreleased so its well worth it to go out and buy the comps. Many of the artists on this comp have new albums coming out on Fat Wreck, who were recently signed like Anti Flag and Rise Against. These new songs give an insight to the new albums these artists will be releasing very soon.

You know all the great line up of bands that Fat Wreck has: Strung Out, Good Riddance, Propagandhi, Snuff, Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, Sick of It All, Lagwagon, No Use For A Name, Zero Down, Swing Utters' just to name a few. All artists are represented on this new comp.

More than anything I am excited for the newly signed band Rise Against. Rise Against features ex-88 Fingers guitarist Dan and only formed a few months ago and was already singed to Fat Wreck. I had the opportunity to catch them open up for Catch 22 and Midtown and they were awesome. Theres huge hype behind these guys and I hope its justified. The song "Join The Ranks" is featured on this comp and is quite excellent. These guys may set the rules again for hardcore.

Strung Out contributes the new track "Novocain" and its awesome. I was disappointed with their latest release, the EP "The Element Of Sonic Defiance", where they totally lost the magic that they had on their previous LP, "Twisted By Design". This new song on the comp sounds to be like they're back to their "Twisted By Design" roots, which is great in my opinion. I cannot wait for their new album to come out later this year.

Anti Flag provides the song "Seattle Was A Riot", about the Seattle WTO riots from last year. They ask, "Why must we riot, Why must we protest, Just to be heard the world?". The style of the music is the same as before with the dueling lead guitar and chanting lyrics, these guys haven't changed that much from their previous record, but I really can't say that for sure until I hear the new record.

Other songs that are worth mentioning are the tracks by Sick Of It All, Zero Down, Propagandhi, NOFX, and Lagwagon round out the best material on here. Yes its a no brainer go out and get this so you can rock like I have since I've gotten this, its well worth the cheap price that it retails at and give a good insight to whats up some of the Fat Wreck Chord artist's sleeves these days.