Caulfield - ... sleep tight ya morons (Cover Artwork)


... sleep tight ya morons (2001)


Amazing! What else can I say about Caulfield? They are an excellent pop-punk trio from Detroit Michigan who have single handedly renewed my faith in the pop-punk genera. Almost every pop punk band these days is carbon copy of the last. Caulfield on the other hand, are writing great music, using elements common pop punk, and making it something all their own. They have the fast poppy drums, riffs galore, and harmonies. Oh those sweet harmonies. On top of all this, Caulfield do one thing that makes them one of the best. They still have that raw feeling that a lot of mainstream pop punk bands have lost, and replaced with the over polished feeling found on an N-Sync CD.

Caulfield start off strong with "slipshod." With lines such as "Don't put to much stock in what anyone might say. Take a hard second look at how you represent yourself…. Pay no attention to the sentimental ass holes singing ‘I believe in yesterday'. ‘Cause I don't give a fuck and neither should you." With lyrics like that how can you go wrong? They follow "slipshod" up with a great track in "getting out", a song about a girl that has had it with her life and is getting out and moving on. "Aimee went away", is a slower song about Aimee, a girl who always talked about leaving her life behind and starting new. No believed her until she want away. (Maybe the same girl as in getting out. Who knows?) "Sit Behind", which in my humble opinion is the best song on the CD, is a fantastic track about seeing friends growing up and moving on while your left behind wondering why they are growing up. "Dreading September", we all know what that's like. This song puts how you feel about going back to school to music, "…you're losing your mind. You'll die when that eight a.m. bell rings. The magic of summer is gone and replaced with dread of the school year impending." "I don't want to fall in love with you" is a short song about not wanting to fall in love. Knowing that all it will bring is heartache. A great song we can all relate to. "Girlfriendectomy", I think it speaks for itself. "Roam" is the heaviest track on the CD. It adds some variety to the CD. It has a little breakdown mid way through, nothing amazing, but it is a nice affect. Finally we have "This one goes to 11"a song about knowing what you want to do, and doing it. It also carries a little message "Follow your dreams… what they told me…", "you're free to choose."

This is a solid first effort by Caulfield. Keep an eye out for these guys, as I'm sure we will all be hearing more from them in the near future. Well-done guys. Good luck.