Catch 22 - Washed Up & Through The Ringer (Cover Artwork)

Catch 22

Washed Up & Through The Ringer (2001)


Hello everyone, i'm not gonna go into deep detail here (haha)... but just to tell you about the new Catch 22 album Washed Up & Through The Ringer which was released today (11-20-01, atleast here in Pittsburgh).

Lemme start a little story for ya real quick... it started off as a rather cold day here, and after school let out and the snow heavily pouring and laying accross the streets I thought to myself, hmmm it's fuckin cold out... what's there to do today? Well after thinking holy shit its the 20th of November!!! Two days from Turkey Day, and also realizing the best part "Dude, Five Iron Frenzy, and Catch 22 new releases today!". So after going to like 10 stores all day looking to pick up some good ass ska, my friend and I finally came accross Catch 22 - Washed Up & Through The Ringer, guess where we found it... Media Play... ahhh what a joke! Well we quickly ran to our car and kicked the Voodoo Glow Skulls - Firme outta the CD player and put that shit in, we were all hyped up!

Ok to the fuckin' point, the first two tracks were unreleased tracks, which kinda umm made me think... hmmm seen them live without Jeff giving out the vocals... they did a great job covering his vocals by the way. But the question was whats it gonna sound like in studio recording? Sigh... well I don't what to say I mean it's kinda not the same ole Catch 22 you know... the energy isn't there I guess, but it was nice to see Coolie Ranx (Pilfers R.I.P.) fill in some back up vocals giving out a little reggae touch.

Following the 2 unreleased tracks, followed songs such as: Hard To Impress, American Pie (of course), Leaving... mostly tracks from Alone in a Crowd. OH, and must not forget a cover from Bob Marley's "One Love"... which they did a pretty good job on. Some good songs there, but gettin into the mid to late tracks, some more good songs like Hard To Impress, American Pie, Arm To Arm, What Goes Around Comes Around... but this time they are live recordings from when Jeff was the vocalist, cool I guess... I mean I seen them live only like 10 times.

Well hittin' around track 14, a rap song by Catch 22, hmmm woulda never thought... funny song a may add but something I just didn't expect? I don't know... but track 15 was just something a Catch 22 fan should never hear... once again trying to be funny, they bust out a fuckin death metal hardcore song, with screaming vocals throughout the song, short song a may add. Two secret tracks by the way to extend the total track length to 18... lol live recordings I'll add, haha.

Ok to wrap it up here, I mean it was a well spent 12.99 I guess, but I dont know... something I could live without easily. I'm sorry guys... Keasbey Nights, just kicks so much ass. Sigh, now to get the new FIF, if I can find it.