Horace Pinker - Pop Culture Failure (Cover Artwork)

Horace Pinker

Pop Culture Failure (2000)

Jump Up!

A near decade of countless tours, writing and just releasing kick ass music has solidified this bands' place in powerful, emotional and melodic punks' history books. This is only their 3rd full length, but it shows incredible growth as a band since 96's Burn Tempe to the Ground. Well, a lot has and has not changed in those 4 years, the music on PCF is much more down-tempo than their earlier efforts...but allows way more melody and accessibility. Not to mention the addition of a 2nd guitarist a few years back, the rhythms sound more full, and not quite as crunchy.

Once again, I'm not gonna go into that standout song speech, because each song is great, and has it's own character. You basically have songs that lean more toward a punk-pop perspective, "Second Best" "Closed" "Extra Step" "Motor One" then your fast tracks "Supposed To" "Doorway" and "Seven Hours" and a few in between.

Well, to cap it off I see HP to be largely underated, such great music should reach a wider audience definitley. Good arrangement of songs, complex melodies and some awesome hooks. Produced, mixed and mastered by "The Man" Mass Giorgini, HP pulls it off yet again as they have managed to do so many times before. Give PCF an undivided listen...shows great maturity and originality. Also the Copper Regret EP released prior to PCF. Both are just rad albums.