Pandamonium - Pandamonium [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Pandamonium [7 inch] (2007)

One Percent

There's a lot of comparisons I've made over the years in my reviews, but I'm fairly sure Melt-Banana has never been one of them. Until now, of course.

MPLS' Pandamonium plays speedy hardcore punk that, thanks to their somewhat cartoony, squeaking female vocalist, garners that direct comparison. However, musically they actually owe much more to late `80s hardcore (Youth of Today, Infest) than any sort of Japanese noise rock, which puts them in an entirely different scene and context.

I can't really differentiate between one song and another, but the band have seem to have a hold of some decent songwriting chops. Their self-titled 7" blows by in practically no time, and could use a start-stop and a better variety of tempos, but this isn't bad stuff.

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