Chief - Provocation of the Nation (Cover Artwork)


Provocation of the Nation (2007)

Total Sell-Out

You realise that you're dealing with a fantastic band when they make expectations for their album ridiculously high by having the best live sets, which can be a bit of a problem if you've seen and loved them; however, they don't miss high expectations by that much. This is why Chief are the best band in the UK right now in my opinion: They make the best music and have the most exciting and fun live sets. Politically-fuelled, incredibly energetic, raw, fast and loud -- all great foundations for a hardcore punk band; tie that in with Chief's formula and you have something very exciting on your hands.

This isn't a band ranting and raving because they're pissed off -- it's frustration with society, politics and the world trying to succeed with a positive message backed up with unique, heavy, hard-hitting music with melodic backing vocals or further frustration through group shouts that, live, take a stranglehold upon everyone to shout along. They're cruel and kind at the same time, rarely hitting the brake and keeping going -- you reach the end of one track, don't expect a pause. This is simple music with an element of posi, which makes it so great. Hard-hitting punk rock from Liverpool (Northwest), UK with good intentions from five guys.

The key problem is that this can get boring -- you will either love it or be bored. For some, Chief's energy and style will be incredible and you will have this on repeat; for others, you will want more from 11 tracks. However, if you do enjoy fast, energetic, intense and raw yet simple hardcore punk rock then you must check this out. Considering this is the band's third release after one demo and one DIY EP, the future holds a lot for Chief. The devotion to their music and message combined with heavy touring and a live performance that doesn't disappoint offers Chief a bright future and its well deserved. Check this out.