Madina Lake - From Them, Through Us, To You (Cover Artwork)

Madina Lake

From Them, Through Us, To You (2007)


Everyone knows the background story of Madina Lake and how the two brothers Nathan and Matthew Leone (who do vocals and bass respectively) were in the "twins" episode of that show everyone forgot ("Fear Factor") and won US$50,000. Blah blah blah. It really gets old sometimes.

Formed from the ashes of the twin's former band, the Blank Theory, and rounded off by guitarist/programmer Mateo Camargo and drummer Dan Torelli, Madina Lake's debut album From Them, Through Us, To You is about the fictional town of Madina Lake and the mysterious disappearance of the town's most famous resident, Adalia. From what has become a concept album of sorts, clues can be found about her disappearance through the album's lyrics and in the leaflet.

Starting off with the almost eerie instrumental "The Auspice," the album then erupts into a foray of different topics, be it love, disappearance, loss and the band's view on politics. "Here I Stand"'s introduction just sounds just a tad bit like Simple Plan's "Crazy," but rest assured, it doesn't sound as lame. Vocals within the album are somewhat disappointing with the occasional over-scream, but this is made up for and then some with what the band is trying to accomplish overall.

"River People" is reminiscent of the Blank Theory's sounds gone by, showing the tiny ray of experimentation that the album has. The album's highlights like "One Last Kiss," the debut single "House of Cards" and the in-your-face eruption of "True Love" show what Madina Lake are capable of, with pounding drumming, heavy guitar riffs and constantly shifting sounding vocals that make them stand out from the rest of the other bands in their genre.

While Madina Lake may be the odd band out on their record label (Roadrunner Records, home of Slipknot, Cradle of Filth and 3 Inches of Blood), From Them, Through Us, To You is an album that you'll enjoy again and again, even if it takes a few turns to grow on you.