Total Fury / Pandamonium - Tour 2007 [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Total Fury / Pandamonium

Tour 2007 [7 inch] (2007)

One Percent

In addition to their self-titled 7", Pandamonium also released a nice little split with celebrated Japanese hardcore act Total Fury around the same time.

On Side A is Total Fury themselves, playing their potent brand of well-crafted, early `80s, D.C.-styled hardcore, led by a vocalist who's more in CIV/Mackaye territory than Brannon (I mean, Christ, look at the name of their only full-length). We're only provided lyrics for the Christian critical "Guilty," which is a shame since all three songs are new, but whatever. From the perfectly rough recording to the speedy delivery, featuring riffs both spit in bursts of artful wankiness ("Guilty") and straight wailing ("Outcome"), Total Fury prove they're one of Japan's best hardcore exports, if not tops.

Honestly, the most memorable part of Pandamonium's side might be the intro -- paraphrasing: "I just love them, the pandas. They are sooooo cute!". Seriously, I say this over and over again after the 7" is done spinning. But I can't hate -- their songs are still solid. The standout might be the mildly funny "Carmen Electra Attacks," which offers a pretty thrashy midsection. Now that I'm actually reading the liner note, their lyrics are overall pretty ridiculous ("Sometimes I just get pissed off and feel like breaking shit / it doesn't matter if it's your face or the asshole standing next to me / I just want to bring that shit"). Oh, what do you know, there's a Los Crudos cover here too. I was wondering why the band wasn't shouting in English at the end.

Pandamonium deliver another short slab of slightly above average jams, but Total Fury bring the real treats here.

Pandamonium - Carmen Electra Attacks