Spider Virus - Radio Invaders (Cover Artwork)

Spider Virus

Radio Invaders (2001)


Well, hmmm first word that comes to mind...eclectic, yep this is yet another band that defies catagorization. Can that be a good thing?? not always....This band, while mixing different types of seemingly good music can get downright annoying.

Think along the lines of the New Bomb Turks mixed with the Supersuckers and RFTC and a twinge of At The Drive-In. All of which are great bands but not a good musical mixture...

Musically this record has some pretty high points...The guitar work is great. From country to hardcore to some rockabilly riffage I must say the guitar playing is superb and could easily be a review in itself. And not to mention some rad piano on a few tracks with good drum work and bass lines to boot. And could'nt be possible with out the recording and mixing abilities of the great Tim o' Heir (Sebadoh, Samiam).

Wait, ahhh now on to what is bothersome about this album. Not to be blunt but, the vocals in some of the more rocking songs are just nerve-grating. He tries the rockabilly squeal in a few tracks but it comes across as just annoying. The guy does have a good voice however, which is showcased in some of the slower ballad-ish type songs. If there was anytime for constructive critisisim it would be now...Stick to the calm vocal tone you do so well.

Well, A bit on the outside from my liking, but there are good things to appreciate about this record. So many different styles...you can't pin one down. I hope your opinions aren't as divided as mine about SV..check them out anyway.