Kursk / Defeatist - Mechanisms of Sanctimonious Filth [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Kursk / Defeatist

Mechanisms of Sanctimonious Filth [7 inch] (2007)

Level Plane / Enucleation

Here's another of those aforementioned 7"s Defeatist recently spilled forth, this time a split with Winnipeg's Kursk.

Kursk's side is actually pretty cool -- to the point where I think I prefer it to Defeatist's a bit. It's sort of like if Discordance Axis was slower and gave you some more breathing room, or a more mathy early Converge. There's lots of really sweet riffs that throw you for a loop in just two short ragers. Oh, and their frontperson is a woman, but you'd never know the difference.

Defeatist's side doesn't slack, though. This quartet of particular songs seems a little more effective than their Thanatonic State 7", but it's still definitely the same Napalm Death-esque, blistering grindcore at hand. The highlight is definitely the lightning fast, hyper intense "Sorrowful Ways," though "Terminal Existence" is a solid closer.

Kursk - Guilt Parade
Defeatist - Sorrowful Ways
Defeatist - Terminal Existence