You, Me, And Everyone We Know - Party for the Grown and Sexy (Cover Artwork)

You, Me, And Everyone We Know

Party for the Grown and Sexy (2008)


You, Me, And Everbody We Know is probably one of the east coast's biggest bands that you've never heard of. Touring consistently last year with bands like I Am the Avalance and the Pink Spiders, Maryland's YM&EWK has built a strong national following and a reputation for just being awesome. More recently, the band released a re-mastered, extended version (eight tracks) of their EP Party for the Grown and Sexy online for a free download with the help of

Party is a fun release that rarely lets up in between the band's love for catchy group sing-along tunes and power-pop hooks. This is most evident on tracks like "...Because I Spit Hot Fire" along with the call-and-response vocals of "The Press War."

Party showcases the band's musical range well, from the high-energy "Do It Again" to the more relaxed and mostly acoustic "Carolina Heat." The latter is the album's most thoughtful tongue-twister, playing skillfully with wordplay ("but with empty stomachs and hungry eyes / our only choice was to swallow pride"). "Carolina Heat" ends wonderfully through reverb to its full band, album send-off.

YM&EWK is quickly becoming everyone's favorite band to brag to their friends about discovering and is just downright catchier than the bird flu. Be sure to check them out at SXSW this spring and at The Bamboozle.