The Ruining - This Is an Ambush (Cover Artwork)
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The Ruining

This Is an Ambush (2008)


New Jersey's the Ruining personally sent their three-song EP to the site for review, and if they ever had a demographic I guess it'd be us. This Is an Ambush certainly isn't terrible, but with better songs and a good producer they could be 'orgcore superstars.

Think super raw Gaslight Anthem, or the Riot Before and you have a vague idea of their modus operandi. I was thinking about giving this a middling 2.5 stars, but the Ruining appear just talented and sincere enough to push this over the edge. Their vocalist isn't super gruff or incomprehensibly gravelly, and he's helped out by his bandmates with some charged, occasional backup assistance. After a truly Latterman-esque style intro, you're given a bit of double-time in opener "Ex-Wolf and a Semester Abroad," as well as some slightly more emotional, diet Hot Water Music vibes in closer "Wild Bind."

This Is an Ambush is definitely worth a listen, especially considering that it seems like it's the band's first recording.

Ex-Wolf and a Semester Abroad
Wild Bind