Heidi - Can't Wait (Cover Artwork)


Can't Wait (2000)


It seems to me that while states like New York, Florida and California get a lot of credit for the good punk in this country, there is also a lot of good punk coming out of Massachusetts. Names like the Mighty Mighty Bosstones, the Dropkick Murphys, The Ducky Boys, Big D and the Kids Table, Kicked in the Head, Anal Cunt, The Sheila Divine, Tree, Drexel, Thumper, the Unseen, and Slapshot all help to put Boston prominently on the punk map. Now, everyone has to move over to make room for one more entry to the thriving Boston scene- Heidi.

Heidi are an all-female punk quartet who, since the release of this independent album, have since been signed to Warner Bros. and are recording a new album in the Hollywood hills. Anyway, this 6-song EP is the perfect introduction the band. Heidi play a mix of straight up punk, with almost rapped-vocals and the occasional horn solo. It's a bizarre mix, but it works. I first saw this band opening for Tree, and that is the way this group is meant to be experienced. Heidi are totally a live band, as evidenced by their CD sales after their performance. Their set included this entire EP, and a couple of other songs that I can't remember now.

The real downside to Heidi on record is the vocals. They are sung well, but at times they sound forced and awkward. Thats no reason not to get this disc if you can find it though. Heidi will probably surprise you, as they are more abrasive-sounding then they appear (they usually wear cheerleader uniforms). Prime tracks include "My Day Anyway", "Sing to Me" and "I don't Want It". This is punk the way it should be- Pissed off, gritty and fun. Check this out.