Circles - Circles [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Circles [7 inch] (2008)

Silly Girl

Here's the vinyl release for Circles' three-song demo, which now means the Vancouver-based melodic hardcore unit (featuring ex-members of the more straightforward Blue Monday and Go It Alone) now has it available on three (!) formats (the CD(-R) and cassette tape versions were released by the band in 2007).

I'd already owned the previous formats, but when I received the 7" and spun it I actually thought these were re-recordings. They sound much clearer and bolder on record for some reason, to the point where I thought this was a whole new EP. Anyway, it makes the songs sound worlds better, songs founded by a strong, driving melodic hardcore base with raspy vocals, striking a middle ground between Good Riddance and Dag Nasty (check the early riff on "Find My Breath"). Actually, fans of No Trigger would definitely get into this, as you could imagine.

The Pacific Northwest has been a fertile ground for fast and blistering but melodic punk rock in recent years and Circles seem poised to continue in that tradition.