Midtown - Save the World, Lose the Girl (Cover Artwork)


Save the World, Lose the Girl (2000)


I decided about a year ago to buy a cd that no one has heard in my town. It makes me feel good to hear fresh bands, and be the first one to tell people about them. I browsed through the "Pop/Rock" section and the blue cover caught my eye. I picked it up, and noticed the label "Drive-Thru Records" so since I am a fan of the label I bought this cd. As soon as the first song popped on in my car I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

This cd is definetely the cd where pop and punk fans can agree. Everything is in the singers voice as he sometimes has that "I don't give a shit," punk attitude, and then breaks into more of a "poppy" sound. The guitar riffs are absolutely amazing, and tend to remind me of "Millincolin." The most refreshing thing about this album is the fact that the lyrics are not just centered on one thing. He mostly just talks about life in general. These guys also seem to play harder then a lot of Pop/Punk bands out there. Instead of strumming the guitar they play it with extreme energy, and the drumming is like no other. Fast, energetic, meaningful, creative, original, and just plain good music.

The best songs on this album are: "Direction, "Knew it all Along" "Just Rock and Roll," and "Let Go." Yes I bought this album a year ago, and your probably wondering why I'm reviewing it now. Why? Because after a year, I'm still listening to it.