Years from Now - Enough Already (Cover Artwork)
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Years from Now

Enough Already (2007)


Years from Now will be calling it quits this coming summer, but not before bowing with this one final release from the previously promising melodic hardcore act: a five-song, 13-minute EP titled Enough Already.

Enough Already completely abandons the weird Bold/Judge vibes the band was toying around with on the newer material from 2007's collections disc, We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat. Though it's not quite as good as those songs, what we have here is a fresh take on their old sound: upbeat, Gorilla Biscuits/CIV-style hardcore that sounds like it was even produced by Walter Schriefels in the late `80s with a mild tinge of bounce and vigor like their fellow Floridians, New Found Glory -- kinda like the album Fastbreak might have put out between Fast Cars, Fast Women and Whenever You're Ready.

There are definite reminiscing and closure themes throughout the lyrics, which seem pretty appropriate. "Nowtro" is a slightly redone version of an older song, with lines like "so pump your fists / because this is our last chance / to say goodbye to this," ending with a sunny disposition over acoustic guitar: "Here's to everything that lies ahead."

It's a bummer that this band never got around to recording a proper full-length, because they really had their moments; songs like "Richie Cunningham" and, from here, the nearly five-minute "What Took You So Long?", prove they were really on the cusp of something great.

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