Various - Dirty Dishes (Cover Artwork)


Dirty Dishes (2001)

Honest Don's

This unexpectedly showed up in my mail the other day, along with the new/old Tilt CD. Good old Honest Don's...putting out music that is not quite "punk" enough for Fat Wreck Chords. Maybe it's not as punk, but it is more varied and for the most part the song writing is stronger than the FAT roster. This collection also has a few Pink and Black bands on it.

Highlights for me were;

Fabulous Disaster "Gia" - Another great pop/punk song from these ladies. I have yet to hear anythiing I don't like from them.

Squirtgun "No Ohio" - This is a new song of their soon-to-be released album. Typical Squirtgun. Good solid song with solid hooks.

Chixdiggit! "Melissa Louise" - One of the best songs off "Scene to Shining Scene". The only song that really stands out from the rest on this comp. Fantastic chorus.

The rest of the songs from Nerf Herder, Inspection 12, Dogpiss, Limp, Citizen Fish, Bad Astronaut, Dance Hall Crashers, Diesel Boy, Big in Japan, J Church and Teen Idols are pretty average and what you would expect from the artist.

The only songs I really don't like are The Flipsides and Real McKenzies. I downloaded some of The Flipsides songs off their website and this song is a lot worse than anything I've heard. I'm looking forward to hearing the album to give the band a fair shake. Most of the Real McKenzies stuff I've heard is a lot better than "Scots 'Round the World". Pick up Loch'd and Loaded.

Overall, it's a nice comp from a good label that exposes some bands that may not otherwise get it. It's cheap, buy it. I'm off to see Bad Brains...