Young Hearts - The Fight (Cover Artwork)

Young Hearts

The Fight (2008)


Young Hearts is the pop-punk band all the younger kids need to hear and all the older kids have been aching for. Catchy sung/shouted choruses abound, but this isn't your general Fall Out Boy-era "pop-punk."

All four songs (the shortness of that number being my only major complaint) are solid, similar in style but not to the point that it feels like one long song. The driving intros to both "Backs to It" and "Caught Up" leave you tapping your foot and singing along to lyrics that, while not amazing, are certainly reminiscent of Latterman (the vocal parts on "Carpe Nocturem" especially add to this comparison).

Overall, this is an excellent EP, with similarly excellent production quality for being self-released. Oh, and the best part: You can get it for free, though once you have listened through a few times you might be inclined to donate the suggested three dollars.