Knapsack - Silver Sweepstakes (Cover Artwork)


Silver Sweepstakes (1995)


This is the first release from Davis's late and great knapsack. It's also their only release as a four piece. Knapsack also shared a member with samiam.

I once read that knapsack is one of those bands that people think they should listen to but never quite get around to it. Well, if you haven't heard them yet you should listen to them until your ears start to bleed. As you probably can tell they are one of my favorite bands (and this is a really bad review).

Well now i'm on to describing their sound. This is their most gritty of their records. They can go from slow bass driven verses to power chord dripping choruses that stay in your head forever. The choruses, although driving, are not heavy or fast, but still move with the slowness of the verses. This not an annoying drawn out slowness like one found in mineral; however, it is more of a slowness that just feels right.

Blair's voice is one of the best I have ever heard. He can go from whispering to bone chilling screaming all in one breath. The way he screams is not like the singer from grade or the heart broken backups on thursday; it is more of a melodic grating sound (whoa that's an oxymoron). All in all, these are the saddest songs I have ever heard.

I suggest everyone listen to this. Also check out the jealous sound, blair's new band.

On a sidenote their label's, alias, site is down does anyone know if they still exist? (worst review ever, but not bad for my first, or something like that.)