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Driving Music

Demo 2007 (2007)


Driving Music is the solo outlet for Brazil's Fabio Andrade, a project that aims to "combine the urgency of punk rock with the lighthearted glow of 90s alternative rock." Andrade has pretty much succeeded with his demo, as it often comes off like the Methadones' Dan Schafer fronting Lemonheads-minding alterna/power-pop.

Pretty decent sounding for a homemade recording, Demo 2007 is a promising, well-done 20-minute affair. Andrade has a pleasant voice, there's a tasteful layer of keyboards and guitar chords chug and change enough to provoke interest. The opening song title pretty much sums it up: "Melody." These are all bouncy, upbeat tracks without coming off too corny or forced.

However much potential there is here, my one gripe would probably be the lack of hooks. Nothing seems to stick too hard, and for music like this it should. But at least we know that Andrade is refraining from overbearing repetition.

Demo 2007 is a sweet little release that encourages listeners to follow Andrade's future recordings, as they're only bound to get better.

Demo 2007

Demo 2007