The Slowdance - Rapture & Ruin (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

The Slowdance

Rapture & Ruin (2008)

Rat Patrol

With another solid release in the can, Rat Patrol Records is really starting to develop its identity as a strong punk label -- sort of a No Idea of the UK.

On the Slowdance's Rapture & Ruin EP, we're treated to raw, brash pop-punk in the vein of Smoke or Fire and Broadway Calls. I wouldn't call this stuff brilliant, but it's sure done well enough. Well-placed "whoa oh"s, slightly gravelly vocals and the right amount of melody make for good tunes. There's opener "Diamonds," with its sweet, punchy drum fills closing it out; "Pistolmouth," with opening chords that sound like they arrived straight from the party thrown by the Ataris' Blue Skies, Broken Hearts...Next 12 Exits; and the mid-`90s emo tinges of "Palpitations" (I'm thinking Texas Is the Reason here).

If they follow the same path as the aforementioned Broadway Calls (promising but middling EP followed by a surprisingly strong full-length), the Slowdance could really be someone to keep an ear on. I know I'll be.