Zhenia Golov - Zhenia Golov [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Zhenia Golov

Zhenia Golov [7 inch] (2008)


Zhenia Golov are a perfect fit for the current Jersey hardcore scene they find themselves in. Clear buds with Seasick, Zhena Golov employ similar ideals and approach to `80s-inspired hardcore, however less thrashy they seem to be.

The band's stance on hateful language is made clear from the get-go with "P.C. Fascist," a title they're actually using endearingly; "Racist jokes make humans into cartoons / Rape jokes reduce women to piles of body parts." They seem sort of militant, but hey, it's hard to hate on hating hate. Other songs explore the factions of everyday life like "What Sustain Us" or the brief "Boredom Won't Get Me Tonight." All the while is a brand of dirty, fast hardcore with scratchy vocals you've come to know and love (or like) played with a decent amount of proficiency and showcased by a mid-level recording.

Nothing Zhenia Golov is doing here is mindblowing, but it catches your ear with a concrete reinforcement of ideas and sounds, and catches your eye by putting it on white vinyl with black splatter.

P.C. Fascist
Boredom Won't Get Me Tonight
What Sustains Us All