Fake Problems / Sedona - Split (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Fake Problems / Sedona

Split (2005)

For Documentation Only

Yeah, I know this is old. So is your mom. OHHHHHHHH.

Sorry, that wasn't very mature, but it's okay since neither was Fake Problems on this EP. Not so much in the juvenile sense, but more that the releases that followed in FP's discography -- the Spurs & Spokes 7", How Far Our Bodies Go LP -- were worlds more musically advanced than their split here with indie rockers Sedona, where they play a sorta meddling indie pop/folk hybrid.

The bands take turns with their tracks, beginning with Fake Problems' "Without You, We Will Surely Perish," a weird and really short electronic song that weakly ushers things in. They also offer an early version of "Sorry, OK, Sorry, OK, Sorry," which is less energetic and has more meak production than its finished version on Spurs & Spokes would sound, though it's not bad. "One Step to the Left" is a soft acoustic shuffle from them with iffy keyboard accompaniment.

Sedona turn in some weirder tunes, but they're all a little better and more full band. However, I honestly have no clue how to describe this band or have a basis of comparison. They do have members of the Arrivals, but that really doesn't help. "Coat" is driven by some quickly jangled chords and energetic vocals, while "Denim Blues" is a dark, rising piano ballad.

For hardcore Fake Problems fans, this might be an interesting look into the band's early, hybrid-ish stylings, though Sedona's tracks are definitely a little more interesting and developed.