New End Original - Thriller (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

New End Original

Thriller (2001)

Jade Tree

This is the new Rock project from Jonah (Far, One Line Drawing), Norm and Scott (Texas is the Reason) and Charlie (Chamberlain). These 4 guys ended up in the same US coast by some coincidence and formed this band in 2000. In August 2001 they first released a CDS "Lukewarm" (which is also the opening track here) and only 2 months later this debut full-length appeared. Now to be honest I must tell you that I didn't listen to any of their earlier bands before (although their names sound very familiar), so don't expect me to compare New End Original with any of them. It's a hard thing anyway to relate them to any band, since it's a quite diverse album; going from mellow stuff to hard rocking songs. Actually I don't even know in what musical category I would situate them. The first 2 songs belong in the Alkaline Trio and somewhat harder emo-pop-punk corner, while a lot of the other songs could be labeled as belonging to the Deep elm Records stable with intense and heartfelt easy-listening songs. Yet, a song like "Hostage" includes a part that is as fierce as a top-notch punk release, to be followed by an accoustic song with only a voice and piano, reminiscent of Dashboard Confessional. So as I wrote before a mixture of varying tunes. But listening through the album it's the emotions that get the upper hand and personally I'd like to hear more musical light-footed virtuosity and less dragging songs that keep going on (as most songs have a playtime between 4 and 8 minutes). I have the bad characteristic of getting bored pretty soon. Luckely they manage to shake me awake a number of times with some tempo changes ("Weary Progress") and songs like "#1 Defender" that, although very mellow, have enough Get Up Kids-alike magic to make it a worthwile album to add to my collection. I'm a bit worried though that this band sounds a bit too diverse and modestly complicated to appeal to the mass consumer.