Actionmen - The Game (Cover Artwork)


The Game (2007)

Bells On / Unicorn Digital

I don't know what you'd label this genre-wise as... You'd probably think they're from some hidden eastern European country, it's so insane... It feels like I'm helping write the trailer for some horror movie... It's really fucking good.

These guys are perhaps some of the most insane guys around. I don't know what goes on in parts of Italy but melodic-funky-scary-speedy-technical-skatepunk seems to be on the rise. Actionmen's debut full-length is one of a kind and insanely good founded upon the fast late `90s skatepunk sound but throwing in genius technicalities.

Take for instance the first track, which begins with a heavy metal duel yet soon you're listening to fairly simple skatepunk with lyrics inspired by something I don't even wanna think of: "You can't stand / It's like when you clean your butt and watch your shitty toilet paper." Tracks like "Jen S." switches from friendly pop-punk to thrash/metal -- perhaps why their MySpace genres are 'Thrash' and 'Comedy.'

Seriously though, the music on this disc is superb and to think it's their first full-length is difficult to believe. Top quality drumming handling great fills with a blistering pace throughout and the guitars are sublime too, playing skatepunk to perfection with the odd addition of metal and guitar solos pulled off perfectly. Throw in the bass lines in "Tales from Germany" and this band could be a cover band for anyone -- every song provides so much yet provides such a vibrant, massive and loud sound in such a tight and fast format.

The Game is perfect for fans of Frenzal Rhomb's comedy (although perhaps suited better for potheads and drunks in Actionmen's case?) but with really tight and technical skatepunk. It's difficult to write about a CD seriously with song titles like "Paster of Muppets" and "Porn Actor" but this is a band who takes influence off anyone; however, they combine the roots of fast punk rock so many crave for perfectly. If you want to go around arguing what's punk rock -- listen to this and you should understand why punk rock's such a wide genre these days, bands pushing boundaries to keep things fresh.

Oh and P.S. I know no Italian really but the hidden part of the last track "My Inspiration's Gone" scares the living shit out of me, but I keep coming back for more of it...