The Get Up Kids - Eudora (Cover Artwork)

The Get Up Kids

Eudora (2001)


The Get Up Kids. Either you love 'em or you hate 'em. I happen to really like them. It's not that they're the most talented band out there, but they do write catchy songs that I seem to be able to relate to.

Eudora is the latest release by the band. It's not their new album. In fact, it's all relatively old. The disc is a collection of covers, old 7" songs and a few unreleased bits, as well as different versions of some of their more memorable songs.

The disc starts out with "Up on the Roof", an unreleased song recorded during their 2000 Heroes and Villains tour. It's probably my favorite song on the disc. You can get it at The next song is a David Bowie cover, "Suffragette City". Although a lot of people dislike this track, i enjoy it quite a bit. Songs 3-8 are all good in their own right, most were released on 7"s or international versions of their two LP's. Song 9, Alec Eiffel, is from a Pixies tribute album. It's a bit different, but a damn good song nonetheless. On With the Show is from a metal comp. The last six songs on the album are all different versions of older TGUK songs.

Overall, it's a good album. If you like The Get Up Kids, you'll like this. My only real complaint is that six of the songs have been widely released before. The band has been around for quite awhile, they have to have more than enough other unreleased songs lying around. One thing I really like about the album is that fewer of the songs are about lost love than you find on most of the band's other albums. This in turn reveals the funner side of the band. If you like The Get Up Kids, you'll like this. It's a good edition to your collection. If you never really got into the band, chances are you won't get into this either.