Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death (Cover Artwork)

Dead Kennedys

Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death (1987)

Alternative Tentacles

As we all know Dead Kennedys are the shit and this later release was one of the many releases which proved just how much ass they kicked. For me purchasing the album was a mission itself , having to travel 300kilometres and forking out $40 (NZ) to pay for it. But this was all for a worthy cause.

The album opens up with one of my personal dk favourites , Police Truck. A fun song which is attacking the police and some of the bullshit they could and would do.

Next up is Too Drunk to Fuck , another fun song with some catchy lyrics such as " You give me head , it makes it worse , Take out your fuckin retainer , put it in your purse " along with the lyrics comes the fast and raw gutair rifts that sets the song on fire.

Holiday in Cambodia plus California Uber Alles are dk at their very best. But i must say i would prefer the quicker version of California Uber Alles which was released on dk's first full release album ' Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables '.

Moving on quickly now, my favourite song on this album which was previously unreleased would have to be ' Pull My Strings '. A live song which has some very true and classy lyrics about mainstream music and the bullshit that these bands produce/manufacture. Some of Jellos words are ' I'll make my music boring , I'll play my music slow , I ain't no artist im a business man no ideas of my own '. It was the lyrics like these which won my vote. Aside from the lyrics the music is relatively slow and has some nice bass lines.

Overall I would recommend this album to everyone and anyone. But with the album being so old i would expect everyone intelligent would have heard it by now. The Dead Kennedys are an excellent band and if you like old school political punk with a twist they are the band for you , its just a pity how the Dead Kennedys finished.