The Tim Version - Decline of the Southern Gentleman (Cover Artwork)
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The Tim Version

Decline of the Southern Gentleman (2008)

No Idea

The Tim Version are doing pretty typical fare here, that being upbeat, gruff punk rock in the tradition of Orgcore and No Idea Records, but with one key twist: Their singer is a friggin' rocket scientist. Seriously.

Okay, so that doesn't really actually affect the Tim Version musically, but hey, it's pretty neat, right?

I haven't heard the Tim Version's somewhat sizable back catalog, which comprises two full-lengths and a collections disc of 7"s, but this seems like it might be some of their better stuff. It's jovial, invigorating and has a teeny bit of Americana (Tom Petty-esque harmonica blowin' on "Murder") and rock 'n' roll going on. You can practically smell the whiskey splashing onto the floors of The Atlantic, while the drunken ballad "Too Many Saturday Nights" is probably already a live staple. "Paradise by the Fluorescent Lights" proves the dudes get can get pretty intense in the vocal department and still manage to have things sound like a supremely good time.

You know: Grabass Charlestons; Hot Water Music. What else can I really say?

Decline of the Southern Gentleman doesn't blow me away, but it sure caught my ear. Fun and familiar, you know what to expect and it's usually pretty decent.

William Harper Andrews

Shin Splits