Breathe In - From This Day On (Cover Artwork)

Breathe In

From This Day On (2001)

Bridge 9

This is a record is discovered thanks to one of those good old fashioned paper zines people hand you at shows. In it there was a short interview with a new Bridge 9 band by the name of Breathe In, what really caught my attention was the fact that in the interview they referred to their two biggest influences as Black Flag and American Nightmare. These being my favorite bands I ran out and bought the CD within a week.

I have to be honest I didn't expect too much from it. I mean what band could possibly offer anything near what Black Flag or A.N. had done for me? I have to admit to eating my own words on that one.

Right off the bat the record hits hard and fast. It was in fact what it'd been mentioned as in that article. Heavily disorted feedback laden hooks with pissed lyrics and all that emotion out the ass. The sound is in fact very remiscent of a Black Flag or American Nightmare, but at times it comes to a poppier pitch really more in the veign of Kid Dynamite. It's 12 songs, and clocks in at about 22 minutes, and if you're downloading it to check it out I have to suggest the seventh song 11-10-00 (long drive home), because as great as the record is that 's really the clincher on it. Oh and here's the obligatory, "don't just download it, support the band too."