See It Through - Break Through (Cover Artwork)

See It Through

Break Through (2007)

Fierce Justice

Maybe I'm spoiled. See It Through is, for the most part, playing a type of hardcore I really enjoy. It's fast and urgent in that second generation-Bane style of Comeback Kid, Killing the Dream and especially Final Fight. However, unlike the best of these bands, See It Through never quite reaches the same emotional heights and instead just barrels along with their mostly straightforward take on the style.

That said, there are a few highlights on this record. The second track, "Still Down" is definitely enjoyable and had I only heard that single track I would have likely been interested in checking more out. Also, "Pull It Apart" has a nice breakdown until the double-bass comes in reminding me of some of the more awkward moments on Life Long Tragedy's Destined for Anything.

The really strange thing about this record is that even though this is clearly a hardcore record, I really wanted the vocalist to start singing or at least add some melody here and there. The music is pretty melodic for hardcore and is just (pardon the pun) screaming for a melody over top of it. Every time I thought it would come, his rough shout/scream would just keep going, constantly leaving me wanting more. Furthermore, there's even a full two-minute track with this shouting over an acoustic guitar, which starts out strange and only gets stranger when a second vocalist with a metalcore-ish Cookie Monster shout comes in...and then the handclaps start. I applaud taking a chance, but this time it's really weird and frankly doesn't work.

Overall, this is a competent hardcore record, but ultimately does little to set See It Through apart from their contemporaries. I think there is a small glimpse of experimental tendency found within these 11 tracks, like the surprisingly triumphant guitar solo in "Last Call" and the aforementioned acoustic track, and I think it would serve this band well to heed the call of those less traveled paths.