Loto Ball Show - Levy on the Eyeway (Cover Artwork)

Loto Ball Show

Levy on the Eyeway (2008)

Gifted Children

Loto Ball Show's (starring Loto Ball: ex-weirdo death punk band the Phantomb Limbs) debut (?) album Levy on the Eyeway reeks of paranoid desperation, bizarre to say the least -- like being sold tickets at a carnival to some hellride that won't let you off.

Slightly reminiscent of Minimal Man's classic The Shroud Of, songs like "Dead Kiss" and "I Can Be Your Eyes" have that same synth art-damage quality but with more of a punk edge. "Poseidon Waltz," "Oriental Danzig" and "Loto Ball Show" sound like a death march performed at a late night cabaret held in an insane asylum. "Hoodlim" leans more towards no wave influence. Like Arto Linsday singing for the Contortions or Gilbert Godfrey fronting the Birthday Party with Lora Logic.

Other songs on Levy on the Eyeway are variations from these ingredients, blending a cacophonous stew of very unique sounds. For those who like their synth/art-damage/no wave with more of a punk backbone, the Loto Ball Show is definitely for you.