Deep Sleep - You're Screwed / Manic Euphoria [7 inches] (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Deep Sleep

You're Screwed / Manic Euphoria [7 inches] (2006/2008)

Grave Mistake

Like just about the entirety of the Grave Mistake roster, Deep Sleep play early `80s hardcore, though with more of an adolescent, scratchy vocal front and a much less abrasive coating. They're often compared to Descendents, and while I wouldn't have thought of the comparison myself, it makes sense to draw a parallel to Descendents' early work upon listening, though of course without the noticeably poppy or upbeat edge. Maybe a bit of Jerry's Kids is in here as well.

The differences between their nine-song EP, 2006's You're Screwed and their newer EP, the six-song Manic Euphoria, is merely a greater emphasis on everything the band does good. With the former, Deep Sleep charge forward with the occasional lick of interesting guitar work and rabble-rousing refrains. On the latter, the recording is punchier, the songwriting is better and they use repetition even more effectively. Also, they rely much more on those semi-creative guitars; on the seven-inch's best track, "Textbook Timebomb," Deep Sleep add reflecting, Dag Nasty-style riffs and it makes for a fairly heartfelt, extended ending. They also have a tighter, sharp focus to their track order; both sides begin with back-to-back :50 tracks or so, then close with a two-minute blast.

Deep Sleep are definitely worth continuing to keep an ear on, since they've clearly improved their chops in the last two years.

Let Go [You're Screwed]
Textbook Timebomb [Manic Euphoria]