Braindead / Blackbirds - Split [7 inch] (Cover Artwork)
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Braindead / Blackbirds

Split [7 inch] (2007)

Burn Bridges

Before I review Braindead's pretty impressive debut full-length, I should probably tackle their earlier release, a quick split with Michigan's Blackbirds.

I doubt my copy is an error pressing or anything, but it looks like both bands are listed on the A Side, and Blackbirds' side actually starts with their Stooges cover, as opposed to the traditional finish of it. Well, either way, "I Wanna Be Your Dog" is what they open with, and they even throw in that pounding piano -- not a bad job. They then bust through "Haves" and "Have Nots," two ugly-sounding, pissed off numbers that each start blisteringly fast and then throw in a heavy outro. The label that released their previous output, a self-titled 7", describes them as a mix between American Nightmare and Outbreak; if anyone, I do hear a bit of Outbreak in there, but I don't know about the former.

Braindead's side is pretty decent too. They offer three originals: "Horns Horns Horns," "4th & 26th" and "Knives in My Eyes"; while it may sound like an insult, the instrumental "4th and 26th" is hands down my favorite track. But that's not a derogatory statement -- "4th & 26th" serves up a wonderful interlude, a haunting, overlapping riff that lays forth a compelling atmosphere even if for only that minute or two. This experimental side hints at what's to come on No Consequences (the aforementioned full-length). For real, song rules, and the other two are solid enough. Their vocalist actually sings rough and raw for their Stooges cover, which is "Search and Destroy"; not bad, not bad.

Blackbirds - Have Nots
Braindead - Horns Horns Horns
Braindead - Knives in My Eyes