Carrigan - Young Men Never Die (Cover Artwork)


Young Men Never Die (2006)

So Good / Radar

Hey, Carrigan dudes, what's up? I just wanted to say a couple words. First, that whole thing about young men never dying, um…they do. And secondly, you guys came pretty damn close to making an awesomely dense album full of droning, punchy synth, delicate guitar work, driving beats and haunting vocals. I mean, some of this shit sounds like Radiohead, and I don't mean that in "you dudes totally ripped off Radiohead!" kind of way -- I mean it in a you know how to mix electronics, guitar, excellent rhythm and grandiose vocals kind of way. But see, here's the thing, there is a fine line between well-crafted indie rock, and we've-got-a-big-budget rock and a lot of times you dudes really swing towards the latter.

"We Give No Quarter" had me sold on you guys right off the bat. Remember that whole Radiohead thing I was talking about earlier? Yeah, this jam sounds like something from OK Computer, which is okay with me. Sorry about the bad joke, but it's true, from the lulling acoustic guitar to Zack's pleading vocals and the noisy freak-out at the end, "We Give No Quarter" is a great song. The problem is that not much more of the album sounds like that. Instead, you dudes sort of lapse into this early `90s sound -- you know, like around the time when electronica was having a crossover appeal -- and instead of coming off brainy and detailed like you do on "We Give No Quarter" you just sound like bland alt-rock that utilizes a minimal knowledge of electronics. Tracks like "Talk to My Horse" with its forced dark and sensual vibes, Edge-styled guitars and lifeless vocals, as well as instrumental "Davy Jones Locker," are just downright boring songs. And if I wasn't looking at the little 2006 printed on the back of your CD right now, I'd swear they were from the early `90s.

A Song like "Sunshine Through the Waves" manages to share a space with "We Give No Quarter," but honestly that's just not enough for me, guys. Overall, I'm just disappointed and a little sleepier than I was before I put on your album. And, well, that's not too good.