Down to Nothing / 50 Lions - Split (Cover Artwork)
Staff Review

Down to Nothing / 50 Lions

Split (2008)

6131 / Resist

Down to Nothing and 50 Lions recently released a split EP to support their Australian tour together, and it's naturally chock full of rugged, pissed hardcore goodness.

DTN provide three tracks not unlike their 2007 full-length, The Most, however with slightly heavier overtones and a bit more gravel to singer David Wood's voice. They don't provide quite as much dynamism or versatility, or pack as much of a compelling punch as the previous LP, but it's definitely solid doings.

50 Lions do a sound that's very similar to Down to Nothing, but maybe with more consistently fast speeds and punctual gang vocals that evoke more of a classic NYHC feel. But I mean, when they come out with that wailing guitar in "Searching," it's really hard not to draw a parallel.

That being said, definitely a good little offering while we await the next progressive step from DTN and a nice Australian counterpart to their tunes.

Down to Nothing - Watered Down
Down to Nothing - When My World Turns Cold

50 Lions - The Realness