Knapsack - This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now (Cover Artwork)


This Conversation Is Ending Starting Right Now (1998)


A couple of years ago, during a search for bands that I've only heard about, but wanted to hear, I came across Knapsack. My girlfriend picked up This Conversation... and I was blown away and picked it up myself. This CD shines from start to finish. 10 tracks of some of the best post-hardcore/indie rock/whatever. Blair Shehan's incredible vocal style, combined with the meaty guitar riff's provided by Samiam's Sergie Loobkoff make this album one of the best of whatever genre you want to place it in.

The CD kicks off with "Katherine the Grateful", a up tempo, driving song. Shehan's vocals drip with sarcasm in the verse and bites in the chorus, providing for an extremely powerful sound. "Arrows to the Action," the album's single is another highlight of a disc that has far too many to list them all. The last two tracks, "Balancing Act" and "Please Shut Off the Lights" are definitely two of the best songs Knapsack ever recorded.

Sadly, this was Knapsack's last album. Singer Blair Shehan now sings for The Jealous sound and Sergie went back to playing with Samiam (who are currently on hiatus). Knapsack left behind one fantastic CD, however, with their final gasp. Definitely one to pick up.