No Warning - No Warning (Cover Artwork)

No Warning

No Warning (2001)

Bridge 9

I first saw No Warning on the Bane Tour and honestly didn't expect shit. I just heard mean Canadians, and wrote them off. I continued writing them off as they got on stage. I nearly laughed to see a bunch of high school age looking kids, and hysterical looking skinny little kid singer with a shaved head. I was literally fucking sitting there laughing with my friends, only to have them tell me to shut up and that I was gunna be impressed.

The set began, and I was definitely done talking shit. They fucking tore through a set of Cro-Mags or Breakdown style hardcore, and I felt dumb while I walked over to their table to buy this EP.

This EP is just the recorded version of that. Insanely heavy breakdown an occasional metal leaning riff or two and pissed of vocals and lyrics. Admittedly they have a right to be pissed being they're probably the most under-rated band in hardcore. Needless to say this EP tears and make sure you check out the band live and recorded. They're gunna be huge and they cover Chain Of Strength, get on the bandwagon now.