Face  to Face - Ignorance is Bliss (Cover Artwork)

Face to Face

Ignorance is Bliss (1999)


Occasionally a band will attemp to capture it's audience with a repeat of it's previous success. Occasionally, this will calm the self-declared "followers" of the band. "they haven't sold out, they haven't gone soft, they haven't changed..." can be heard being whispered as they walk from the cd player. It is those people that this album was titled for. Ignorance is Bliss ain't it?

Music is all about the change. It's the anticipation for the following note, or riff, that brings you to the edge. It's the truth of the lyrics and the emotion associated with the lyricists. A true song combines the elements of emotion and truth, and attempts to capture them with instruments so when played simultaneuosly one can hear the harmony.

Harmonically, this is a great album. This is more than great. I give it the highest rating. I can listen to this over and over just like their self-title. Maybe next time, lost, nearly immpossible, prodigal, burden, etc. All are masterpieces that I think the band knew would be ignored. The change is incredible, the lyrics are truthful and heartfelt, the emotion jumps and those who can't handle it call it soft or insult the band with the label sellout. As I asked before, Ignorance is Bliss, ain't it....?