Things Fall Apart - We Are All... (Cover Artwork)
Staff Pick

Things Fall Apart

We Are All... (2006)


Everything about Things Fall Apart screams raw power.

From the gruff vocal cords of vocalist Jethro Ford to the dizzying riffs provided by Chris Langbehn and frenetic rhythms kept by drummer Declan Dwyer, We Are All... is an energetic four-song kick in the ass.

Hailing from Wisconsin, this quartet, pulled together from the ashes of numerous now-defunct bands, have put together a blast of energy that does not lose steam until the final chord has been played.

"The Least We Can Do" is a song not unlike something No Trigger would produce, a melodic hardcore salvo that places a premium on top-notch guitar work and scathing vocals. The call-and-answer style of vocal delivery is positively anthemic, and the chord progressions that run through the undercurrent punctuate the effort perfectly. "Inveterate" manages to best it, though with terrific guitar work that speaks volumes all on its own. Any time the vocals break Langbehn's six-string mastery comes from the undercurrent to the forefront, effectively pushing the track to a higher level than before.

Things Fall Apart have more than one trick in their bag, however -- bassist Jake Zahares marks his stamp from the beginning of "Mired In Lock-Step," as the deep intonations of the grooves he lays down are the basis for the assault of metal riffs laid down by his bandmates. The band sounds a lot like Glass & Ashes on the track, but carve enough of their own niche to know that they're completely different bands.

Don't make my mistake -- don't sleep on the power and intensity of Things Fall Apart.