Wolf Whistle - Demo A.D. 07 (Cover Artwork)
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Wolf Whistle

Demo A.D. 07 (2007)


It's sort of confounding that with how huge Have Heart is and the bit of notoriety XFilesX gained in their time that a band that derives members from both barely get mentioned on the Internet. Wolf Whistle is that band, a new-ish project (X?) featuring vocalist Patrick Flynn of the former and guitarist Trevor Vaughan of the latter.

Don't get your hopes up. kids: Wolf Whistle play super fast / sometimes slow, thrashy hardcore that sounds nothing like Have Heart, but you wouldn't be completely off to use XFilesX as a reference point. After all, this is a collection of raggedly raw, mostly sub-minute, heavily Infest-influenced rounds with mosh parts that aren't even long enough to piss anyone off. And that's pretty okay with me.

Flynn is also way less poetic here than in HH, blunt and drawing points quickly and fiercely. In "Cold Face," he dismisses hardcore poseurs, requesting they "just write some lyrics that are coherent and justify that angry face." "Slow Chariot" points out a potentially racist Paris, TX judge while "O for the P" sighs with apathy and "DIY2K7" eulogizes the coming death of DIYism.

Demo A.D. 07 is over before you know it; these 10 songs fly by in seven minutes, but its bulletin point list of pissed reactions is sharp and there's some seriously fun moments that manage to bubble up.

New Fashioned
Slow Chariot